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Everything I use for my makeup routine and some of my secret makeup tips.
Foundations I love to use that give me Full Coverage:
  • Fit Me Matte Maybeline
  • Mac Sculpt Full Coverage
  • Juvias Place Foundation 
  • Fenty Beauty Foundation
Concealer's I love to use that dont show fine lines and wrinkles much:
  • Mac Prolong Wear 
  • Lamer 
  • Maybeline
  • Tarte
My favorite Contour Palette is the Anastasia Cream Palette but I also sometimes contour with just my bronzer and concealer:
Eyeshadow Palettes I love to use:
  • BH Cosmetics 
  • Juvias Place
  • Mac 
  • Maybeline

Primers I love to use before I apply my foundation:

  • Tarte Base Tape

Translucent Powder I love to bake with:

  • Laura Mercier
  • Ciate

Bronzers I love to get bronzey with:

  • Mac 
  • Black Beauty Radiance 
  • Milani

Primers I love to use to give my eyeshadow a base for my colors to be more intense:

  • Anastasia Eye Primer
  • P Louise Base
  • NYX Jumbo Milk Eye Pencil

Highlighters I love to spark my Glow: Secret Tip: Sometimes I like to use my eyeshadow as my highlighter:

  • Ofra 
  • Juvias Place


Eyeliner I love to get me winged: Secret Tip: I like to use a very pointy, sturdy and thin eyeliner pencil:

  • Suva Beauty
  • Maybeline

Mascara I love to use to give my lashes volume are: Secret Tip: Using more then one mascara to double up on thickness of my natural lashes:

  • Merle Norman
  • Pixi
  • Thrive

There are so many wonderful, beautiful brands out there you may like that you use. Tell me what your favorite foundation is that you love and works great with your skin. These are my top favs as I have so much makeup that I play with these are more compatible with my skin. Everyone has a different skin type so some products work way better for other people. My skin is very sensitive so I have to make sure I take proper care when washing my face. In my next blog i'll be sharing with you my skincare routine and some skincare tips. Bye for now and see you in my next blog!!!!!


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